Friday, March 3, 2017

Going back sixty Four years !!!!!

A description of my grandma would be voice shaky, not so wrinkled skin, nose round and pointy. Her eyebrows are round and a little pointy at the top ,her hair is short, brown, and curly.She can get mad easily and be kind back to you after two minutes and start talking to you like if something never happened.
“ Hi grandma. Do you mind if I ask you some interview questions for English class next week”. Right after dinner I had to ask my dad  for some spare time so he could translate my question to my mom and my mom could  translate them to my grandma.My mom didn’t speak English and could only speak spanish and I was to lazy to speak spanish so I made my mom tell the questions to my grandma.
My mom, my dad, and I went outside because it was too loud in the house and much quieter outside we sat down on a table and got my grandma on the phone .
The first question is
What was your Biggest fear when you were a child?
Me being a child one of my biggest fear were looking or touching snakes because when “I was about 12 years old my dad made me touch a snake and it was all slimy and I didn’t like the slimy feeling”. Another fear of mine was to go outside by myself to the bathroom when it was dark outside because my mom went to the bathroom when she was young and a cat was next to her just staring at her.
How did you meet my Grandpa?
I meet your grandpa at a dance that my friends invited me to and he was there and I told my friends that I liked him so they told me to go dance with him and I said “No” my friends looked at me like if I was stupid and should've went to dance with him before someone else danced with him. After awhile he came up to me and told me if I wanted to dance with him and my friends were telling me to go dance but I was shy then my friends were torturing me to go or else they would leave me so I went to go dance. Then After a few days he asked me out and we became boyfriend and girlfriend.
If you could go Back in time and change something what would you change?
I would change to have some time with my kids and my husband because Every single day I would have to be getting flower to make tortillas and milk the cows make dinner and clean the house.When there would be parties I would see my kids see my husband but not spend time with them. Because my kids would be playing and my husband would be talking with the adults and I would be with the ladies.
What were some things that you saw growing up?
Some things I saw growing up were witches. When I was outside with my friends at a parties I would see witches the witches were some things I saw constantly when I was growing up. I was scared of them but not as much as I was scared of snakes. Another thing I saw growing up were UFO’s I saw them probably one time every week when I would be outside playing,cleaning or doing something I would see them. “I didn’t know what they were tell I asked my mom what I kept seeing outside” then she told me that they were UFO’s and I got used to them just seeing them flying around over my house and through my neighborhood.
 What kind of games Did you play that are different from ares know?
I played with dolls made out of corn because I didn't have the money to buy a real doll the only time I had  a real doll was when my older brother bought one  for my birthday that was the only time I had a real doll. Another game I played was singing while going in a circle and playing with my friends. Also a big game that I played was jump rope it entertained me so much that I would  stay outside for a really long time and my mom would get mad at me that she would ground me.

“Ok Grandma I am finished asking you questions talk to you later bye”.“Bye”.

Thursday, December 1, 2016


In the middle ages there was doctors that only saw the rich people because the peasants and the serfs couldn't afford a good doctor. So they would mostly go see the wise women so she could cure them because she knew how to cure people with different homemade medicine and potens.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


     People of all around the world go to the universities of Washington,North,Carolina,California,Nebraska,Colorado,and 
Minnesota etc. To get an education to become a doctor. And not in all states there is schools for becoming a doctor and if there is there probably not the best school for a education for becoming a doctor.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


In the middle ages doctors used a bandage with bacon fat and flour to cure bruises, they also used a mixture of onions and mustard seeds pushed up there nose to cure a nosebleed most of all they put a dry toad in a bag and wrapped it around people's neck to cure an internal bleed.

Monday, November 28, 2016


Hello, and today I am reading about Medieval Doctors.  First off, there was different types of doctors there was surgeons that had the same reputation as the barbers ,barbers pulled out teeth and drained out blood,apothecary's sold sweets,cosmetics,perfumes,and drugs,wise women made homemade medicine and potions to cure people's disease.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Karanas Life!!!!!!!!!!

The title of the book is called " Island of the Blue Dolphins" the authors name is Scott "O" Dell. I read that Karana was trapped at the island with her brother Tuko and they weren't rescued tell they saw a ship and they waved their hands back and forth so they could see them.Also when they dropped them off they dropped them off at Santa Barbara Mission. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


The title of the book is called" I am Malala" the authors names is Malala Yousafzai. I read that Malala is going to go speak up because she is fighting for girls rights.And she is scared to speak up again because she think that it is going to end up bad like last time  but her family is supporting her and she is sort of calming herself. Also Malala's fans were there and she does not want to disapoint them so she starts to speak up.